Posted by on May 20, 2014

Tri-Marq was honored with another Bronze Telly Award for the Marquette Golden Eagles in their latest production, Superheroes.

The Tri-Marq creative team led by Amy Wrobel and Dan Kosan, pulled out all of the stops (and gadgets) for this year’s heroes video. And we couldn’t have done it without Director of Photography Robb Fischer’s amazing cinematography and creative collaboration.

To create the players in a Superhero’s world, we had to go technical. In order to get the effects we wanted, we often shot at 240 FPS on the RED EPIC and with multiple different camera rigs. With visual effects and compositing we created our main Superhero, Chris Otule, on top of the roof. Then for more dramatic hero affect, we changed his eyeball color and created earth shaking “atmosphere” around our Hero’s landing. Although, there was no need for special effects when Otule revealed the MU jersey – he performed like a Superhero.

Watch Tri-Marq’s Superheroes here.

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